About Us

The Chemistry of Success

There is more to a successful brokerage than training, technology and systems. A successful brokerage depends on building a chemistry, just as a professional sports team. How many times has a team loaded up on top athletes only to fail to reach the playoffs? And just as often teams, with what appear to be less talent, reach win the championship because of a deep commitment to the success of the team and everyone on the team.

You, as a client of our office, will be the beneficiary of our strong team chemistry. The flow of knowledge, the promotion of properties, the support of administration, along with having the respect of our fellow REALTORS from other offices all add to the level of satisfaction you will receive when you work with an agent from EXIT New Options Real Estate.

Our strong success with our clients begins with the strong commitment of our team…this commitment is captured in the mission statement of the office.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build EXIT New Options Real Estate by design, honoring Participation, Positive Contribution, and Production.

What this means to you, whether buying or selling, is our team is focused on knowledge, open sharing of ideas or experiences, service, and most of all being active in the market place.

This commitment results in having a sense of the market, strong relationships with fellow successful agents, awareness of trends in the market, successful use of technology and simply being more connected to what it takes to provide you with the results you desire and deserve.

The EXIT Story

EXIT Realty Corp. International opened for business in Toronto, Canada on September 3, 1996 and in record time, EXIT has become the fastest growing full-service real estate franchisor in North America.

The exclusive EXIT Formula is the reason for our phenomenal growth. The EXIT Formula is Real Estate Re-invented. For the first time ever, the concept of residuals taken from both the insurance business and the music industry has been introduced to the Real Estate industry. Residuals are revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry fostering teaching, training and coaching and creating profitability and financial returns that have been unheard of in years gone by. The EXIT Formula also allows an agent to keep up to 90% of gross commissions.

Additionally the leadership team from the top down is committed to delivering the training, tools and technology to the offices and agents within the EXIT organization. No other company delivers the support your agent needs to attain a successful outcome for their clients as an EXIT agent is.

Be sure one of our professionals is interviewed for the position of representing you when you buy or sell real estate…you’ll be glad you did.