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Surrounded by lakes, forests and hills, the town of Ashburnham is gaining the attention of home buyers who are looking for a fine New England community to call home. Ashburnham is located within commuting distance of several large cities, such as Fitchburg, Worcester and Boston, making it highly desirable for commuters. There are so many reasons why residents of Ashburnham genuinely love their hometown.

Home buyers looking at real estate in Ashburnham have lots of opportunities to find just what they want. There are newer single family homes, plus well-established areas with more historic properties. Because the city is not that large, there are few amenities like schools, shopping and dining, that are inconvenient to get to. It’s easy to see why Ashburnham real estate is in high demand, after just one visit.


Ashburnham’s population is approximately 6,100 residents, but this small town is anything but forgettable. It was founded in 1765 and has long been an oasis for city dwellers that travel down Route 2, Route 12 and Route 101 to find the beauty and rural pleasures available in Ashburnham. Top neighborhoods include North Ashburnham and South Ashburnham, but there are many areas within the community that will make home buyers feel right at home.

When surrounded by such natural beauty, it’s easy for Ashburnham residents to get out and enjoy it. Lake Watatic, Lake Wampanoag, and Sunset Lake are just a few of the lovely spots that residents can swim, fish, canoe, kayak, and relax. Within just a few miles, residents can also play golf and tennis, hike, bike, ride horses and so forth. Several walking and biking trails, like the Massachusetts Midstate Trail and the Wapack Trail, wind through Ashburnham, connecting it with other nearby communities. Mount Watatic is also another natural destination where residents can play outdoors.

Major roads that are easily accessed in Ashburnham include Route 2, Route 12 and Route 101, giving residents a chance to explore Worcester County as well. Popular attractions include EcoTarium, Dunn State Park, Cambridge Grant Historical District, Fruitlands Museum, Higgins Armory Museum, Purgatory Chasm State Reservation, Old Sturbridge Village and much more. No matter what is interesting to residents, there’s an attraction, event or celebration to be found in and around Ashburnham.

One thing that Ashburnham is known for is excellent schools, both public and private. It is home to Cushing Academy, a preparatory boarding school that has been operating since 1865. Celebrities, politicians and more have graduated from the school. Public schools are managed by Ashburnham-Westminster School District and include 1 elementary school, 1 middle school and 1 high school.

Home buyers have no reason to even look beyond the borders of Ashburnham because everything they want is right there. Ashburnham real estate is affordable, diverse and extremely close to important things like shops, stores and major roads. The home of their dreams is within reach for home buyers willing to give Ashburnham a chance.